nephics high-quality, high-tech

Small and large high-tech companies seek me out because they want remarkable web based solutions.

I have solid experience with creating advanced software technology, like web interfaces for networked medical devices, online payment systems, and implementation of optimisation and signal analysis algorithms.

I can provide you with custom software development of micro-services, REST APIs, mobile apps, complete web apps, and scalable cloud infrastructure.

You can expect fast prototyping, an iterative development process, and high-quality solutions.

Get in touch, I would love to help you.

— Jacob Söndergaard

Check out the latest project: Story CRM, a simplified business contact and interaction manager.

Open source projects are available at and at

Contact information:

Phone: +46 7 6392 2936
Skype: jacobsondergaard

Company information:

Nephics AB
Lars Ols väg 9
SE-218 51 Klagshamn

Org. no. 556785-6157

The company is fully owned and managed by me, Jacob Söndergaard.